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On May, 12th, 2008 - Irina Khromacheva's birthday.

07.07.2008 12:05

Irina has celebrated her thirteenth birthday in Prague on 14 and under first category tournament. That day a """qualification games passed by while basic grid had a rest. Children have warmly congratulated Irina, and close friends have presented gifts. It was pleasant to receive a congratulations from trainers the girl worked with before - Maryenko Marina Andreevna and Fayngersh Michael Jurevich. But the same day an unpleasant surprise also waited for a birthday girl: despite being the first qualified on tournament, her surname did not appeared in the official list of the Russian team taking participation in these competition. Its not clear if thats an official position of the Russian tennis federation or someones personal opinion. Anyway nor Irinas parents nor, furthermore, Irina are not going to participate in these tenniss-about games. In connection with this the prospect of Khromachevas participation in European 14 and under girls team championship is not clear.