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Irina Khromacheva was born on 12 May,1995 in the city of Moscow. In her childhood she was a buoyant and very lively child. Her parents tried to use various developing exercises for her when possible, thus she learned to walk at a quite early age. When she was three years old, she was recorded to the figure skating group. But once when she was training, Irina fell down inauspiciously, and the doctors stated the fracture of the shin, after that she stopped going in for figure skating. Simultaneously with training in figure skating, Irina went to art school. She couldnt draw very well but she was good at clay modeling. Thats a pity, but tennis lessons didnt allow her to continue the training.

Once, in the summer of 1999, her parents went to Sokolniki Park to play tennis and took Irina with them. During the break they gave Irina a racket, and to their surprise she rapidly started to hit the ball. On their way to home, passing the courts on Shiryaevo Field, the parents decided to show the girl to a tennis coach. Elena Victorovna Nikishchihina turned out to be that coach. Having tested the child, she fixed a training the next day. So Irinas hard tennis life started.

After one year of trainings Ira joined the group of Marina Andreevna Marienko, who after burning a child, again was taking youngsters. The training process went much intensively, the plenty of courts allowed to spend a lot of time in the game. Andrey Feyodorovich, Marina Andreevnas father helped her: he conducted physical training with the children. A large amount of work was done, which later led to positive results. In summers, the training lasted for the whole day, and in winters for 2-3 hours after school, every day except Sundays.

After seven years of training on Spartak, Irina went to Belokamennaya Tennis School, run by V.N. Kamelzon, where M.Yu. Fayngerish became her coach.

Irina won Moscow Championship in her age several times; many tournaments were played in the senior age group and very often with a success. In 2005, Irina Khromacheva went to the international competitions for the first time in her life as a member of the Russia team the unofficial European championship for children under 12 years old. The team took the first place. In the summer of 2006, she became the champion of Russia as a member of the Moscow team.

In the winter of 2007, Irina Khromacheva started to take part in personal international tournaments. Her first tournament took place in Denmark. The way to it was not simple the difficult flight, waiting for the train at the piercing wind of the railway station.

Despite of it, Irina won 5 meetings and the tournament. From Denmark the Khromachevs went to Sweden (Helsinborg), where Ira, having passed the qualification reached the semifinal and was defeated by the future champion in three sets. Then there were wins in Vilnius ( 3th category ), Umag( 2th category), Magaluf ( 3th category), Sergiev Posad ( 2th category ).

One more side of Irina Khromachevas talent is opened in pair competitions. The most of pair competitions she participated in were won: the Championship of Russia, Leghorn (1), Tarbes(1), the Kremlin Cup (1), Ste.Genevieve (1) and many others. Khromacheva gained the first win in the1st category tournaments for children under 14 years old in Italian Livorno. And she did so in the singles and pair tournaments. This win allowed her to rise to the second place of the European rating for girls under 14 years old. After the difficult flight from Italy to Portugal Irina had to participate in two competitions at the same day and finally reached the semifinal.

In the summer of 2007, being a member of the Russia team she became champion of Europe in the first official competition for girls under 12 years old. Being the first number of the team, Irina played with the strongest rivals and didnt lose a match. And in the winter of 2008, she became champion of Europe among girls under 14 years old.

In 2008, Irina participated in the unofficial childrens world championship for children under 14 years old, which took place in France. Despite the fact that Irinas rivals were 1 year her senior, she reached the singles quarterfinal, where she was defeated by Laura Robson (Great Britain). And together with Dasha Gavrilova she gained the title in pairs. By her game Irina attracted attention of sponsors and managerial companies.

Aleksey Nikolaev became her manager. Also, the representatives of Belgian Tennis Academy 6-th SENS run by Carlos Rodriguez, trainer of the first world racket Justine Henin were interested in Irina. Carlos invited her to Belgium for testing. The tests were to be conducted for three days, but already after the first day of testing Carlos offered Irina to stay at the Academy. At that time, the representatives of the ADIDAS Company were at the Academy and offered Irina to sign a sponsorship contract.

This period of her life was not quite simple: moving to the other country, work with the trainer who didnt speak Russian, much new in the training process. However, Irina quickly adapted, improved her English and studied French.

In the summer of 2008, Ira took part in several 1st category tournaments under 14 years old where the best result was her victory in singles in Hasselt.

Irina finished her participation in the category for girls under 14 years old in Tarbes (France) as the finalist of this tournament. Later, Irina played ITF tournaments under 18 years old, starting with the 5th category. As she had no points, she started with the qualification. Her first success occurred in Croatia (Zagreb) where she became an absolute champion.

Then she won the 4th category tournaments in Denmark and Germany. Simultaneously she worked over her technique and physical training.

Khromacheva quickly rated higher. Having played the 1st category tournament and reached the quarterfinal, she received a special invitation to the main net of the junior GRAND SLAM.

Irina gained the first victory on the 1st category ITF tournaments in Kentucky (the USA). After the American series, Khromacheva returned to Belgium where she for three months intensively prepared to the next season. She paid special attention to her physical training. The result was evident very soon.

In January, 2010 Irina won the1st category tournament in Czech Republic. Then came a series of the tournaments in Asia: victory in the 1st category in Thailand and the Philippines, the quarterfinal in Malaysia.

In May, 2010 Khromacheva reached the quarterfinal on the A category tournament in Milan and won the 1st category tournament in Belgium.

On ROLAND GARROS 2010 Irina was under the 3rd number and reached the quarterfinal.

After the Championship of France, Irina for the first time rose to the top of the world junior rating.

On Wimbledon 2010 Ira reached the singles quarterfinal and for the first time reached the final in pairs. Irina finished the year of 2010 among the top three juniors.

The year of 2011 was the most successful for her. She gained victories in the1st category tournaments in France, Italy and Mexico. Victory of the A category tournament in Milan, the ROLAND GARROS semifinal and the WIMBLEDON singles final. And also victories on ROLAND GARROS, MILAN and US OPEN in pairs. All that allowed Khromacheva to finish the year of 2011 on the top of the junior rating and be recognized best world ITF junior of 2011.

In 2011, Khromacheva began to participate in womens tournaments. The best results in these tournaments were the victory of the two10000 and final 50000. Irina finished 2011taking the 402th place in the world womens rating.

In December, 2011 Khromacheva started cooperation with a new trainer Wim Fissettee, the former coach of Kim Clijsters. On AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2012 Irina got the WC and reached the final of the qualifying tournament. Then she reached the 25000 final in Berni.

Khromacheva played a series of European tournaments in the spring of 2012, but in singles she was not very successful. However, in pairs she won in Switzerland (with Dasha Gavrilova) and 50000 in France (with Spring Dolonts). In May, 2012 she rose to the 241th place in the womens rating.